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Having experience making clothes for friends & family in the past, when I saw my mom struggling to find a discreet solution to her incontinence I immediately got to work.

Starting off with regular boyshorts, I'd sew in a waterproof layer along with a very soft & absorbent inside layer. It wasn't supposed to be a permanent fix, but to my surprise she loved them!

So much so she told a few of her friends about them and soon I was making a pair of these a night. It grew to the point where I actually had to stockpile these in my garage!

Fast forward a year and a bit later and now I've partnered with a clothing manufacturer to bring these to everyone!

Mikia , Founder Of UnderLeak

New Additions

Ready for a dose of style and performance? Say hello to the showstopper – new product that demands attention.

Take your athletic look to the next level with Underleak V1 – a high waist, leak-proof ice silk bundle that'll have everyone talking. Step up your style with performance-driven fabric and a bold, challenging attitude. Dare to stand out!

When you wear underleak's waterproof underwear, you won't have to worry about embarrassing moments or accidents.
Our garments are meticulously crafted from the finest quality fabrics, with an unwavering commitment to detail and care that ensures each piece is a true work of art.


Rosemary S.

Very happy. They came quickly and I was so happy because the next day I was rushed into hospital it was my first day wearing them.I was in an ambulance for 4days and 3 nights in a hospital car park. Wasn’t able to wash and change properly so they were the best thing that happened no leak no smell thank goodness.

Barbara M.

They work perfect except some of them are not the same size even though they came as the same size I had two that were a little bit too small. But that’s OK because I gave them to my sister who is smaller. And I will be ordering again. Thank you so much.

Barb T.

I am super happy with your panties. I have tried a few other brands before yours, and am most satisfied with your product. They are super comfy and your customer service is top notch!! My 1st choice of size ran too big and the replacement was super easy and incredibly fast. I highly recommend to all!

Saundra M.

I like them but still wear a pad with them as I have a lot of leakage and afraid the panties wouldn't be able to hold it,but they do help with the leakage from the pad.

Ellie E.

These parties have been so great. I’ve had a bad fall and have been in a wheelchair for 2 months wearing the big pads. So uncomfortable. I saw the ad and thought o need to give them a try. They are so comfortable and help me to feel like myself again. I like to think I now have on my big girl panties….no more pads. They don’t hold as much as the pads, but the fix for that is go to the bathroom more often to empty my bladder and it is worth it.
I’m going to order more. I’m very pleased with them 👍😀

Paula M.

Love the idea of this, and these are the best of all the different brands I've tried. I definitely leak more than 8 tablespoons though, but it's more about the urgency when I don't make it in time even though I don't wait to go. However I am pleased that when I did try them without a pad, it did not leak through to my clothing. That's a plus in my book! Thank you for the no hassle quick replacement of an alternate size I requested. They arrived quickly and the fit is now perfect. I will continue wearing these, even though I will have to wear them with a lighter pad, but I am happy that they truly are so leak proof.