I'm 50 years old and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm suffering from urinary incontinence.
This disease makes me feel extremely tired when I'm always wet, have to change many underwear a day and is extremely inconvenient. Laughing loudly or sneezing can also cause me to leak urine.
- Stains and leaks
- Needed to dash to the restroom
- Uncomfortable and damp

I have tried many methods such as using sanitary napkins and pads but the results were not positive. Using sanitary napkins may absorb well, but it makes me feel stuffy and smelly. Furthermore, the cost is also quite expensive when I have to use them every day.
I really fell into a state of long-term stress, which made my condition worse and worse. Medicines don't make me better, they just waste money and hurt my stomach when I have to use too much medicine.

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022
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Stress Incontinence - is when urine leaks because of pressure being placed on your bladder, whether it’s from exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects.
Urge Incontinence - which is the kind I have, is when you have a sudden, strong urge to pee without the ability to hold it in. This is by far the worst kind as it can happen anywhere at any time with little to no warning before.
Overflow Incontinence - happens when small amounts of urine leak from your bladder whenever it’s full. Making it the easiest form of incontinence to deal with.
Functional Incontinence - as we age and mobility gets harder and harder, people with normal bladder control can have a hard time getting to the bathroom in time to relieve themselves.

This used to make me feel really ashamed as well, but more than anything, we should figure out ways to boost our own self-confidence. Fortunately, I found specialized underwear for people with urinary incontinence with great benefits.

For us, leakproof panties have benign ingredients.

After using this underwear for a while, I feel like I have been reborn. I can move comfortably all day and still stay dry and comfortable. I was so pleased that I bought a combo of all colors to change. The great thing is, this underwear is extremely cost-effective because it can be reused. The bottom of the underwear is made of the best fabric containing antibacterial substances, so my inflammation and itching have also improved
Your body absorbs the chemicals found in many disposable products, which are harmful to skin that is already sensitive. That is not what any of us want. A Premium Waterproof Everdry Panty captures spills directly into the panty without harming your body or creating discomfort.

Leakproof Panties Can Be Re-used

The leak-proof underwear from Under Leak is a reusable item. It has made going out less stressful for the ladies and me. Simply put them on like any other underwear, and Under Leak will handle the rest. Moreover, it can be machine washed, making cleanup and reuse considerably simpler.

Leakproof Underwear Helps Protect The Environment

The environment is screaming because of waste, most of which is household waste. Although each pad is small, if everyone uses it and releases it into the environment, the amount of waste will be overwhelming. A pair of leak-proof underwear can last for 5 years. Therefore, the amount of waste is also partly reduced. Let's protect our environment!

We Can Spend Money On Different Purposes Because of Saving From Leakproof Panties

You consider a roughly $70 pad to be inexpensive. Let's do some quick math: in one year, you will pay $465, and in five years, you will pay $2281. Is it really cheap? On the other hand, a good pair of Everdries leak-proof underwear can last up to five years and only costs $20 to $50. We all know our money will be spent on quality things that will last a long time. I think that after the calculation just now, our choices will be the same

Leakproof Panties Help Anti-Bacterial as well as Anti-Odor

Badly absorbing or infrequently changed pads can harbor bacteria and give off offensive odors. However, if you wear UnderLeak leak-proof underwear, you will adore this item. It helps you combat bacteria and offensive odors in addition to helping you fix undesired leaks. This three-use product is fantastic!

They Brings You Comfortable and Charming!

Every age needs attraction and I feel like I'm back in my 30s when I solve my problems. I firmly believe that women 40+ can experience the same situation as me. They are also tired and stressed like me. Therefore, I really want to spread this product information to a large number of women 40+ so they can rediscover their mysterious beauty. On the occasion of the end of the year, the company is opening a promotion to give women underwear  for 30% OFF the regular price!
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